50*32 inches

 March 2018

( A mapping of a child’s relationship with her grandma)  

It is a piece about my grandmother, who passed away ten years ago. I grew up with her, but I can no longer remember her face. All I can do to make connections with her is to search her gravesite on Google Earth. Based on the satellite images, I created my own map to revisit memories of her. In order to show the feeling of loss of memory, I welded different sized iron rods to recreate the map of the gravesite. I sewed the date of my grandma’s death on top of white soft infill to indicate location. Inspired by Emily Dickinson, Because I could not stop for death, I juxtapose a cold brutal feeling for the map and a soft feeling of the gravesite. I hope to illuminate the ongoing connection with my grandma through this installation.